History Guided Tour St.Michael's

On the 18 July 1441 A.D. A Composition was made between the Prior and Convent of Bridlington and the inhabitants of the town of Bempton that the said inhabitants might have   a Chaplain in the Chappell of Bempton when it should be dedicated and there receive all sacraments, Sacramentalls and consideration for Burial in the Cemitory  or Chappell.

Whereupon on the 22nd July 1441 a commission was directed to Fr Nicholas Bishop of Dromore (Suffragan) to consecrate the said Chappell of St Michael of Bempton within the said Parish of Bridlington and also the Chappell yard thereof. (Torrre)


The building you see today was built around 1120, probably on the site of a wooden Saxon church, which would have served the communities of both Bempton and Newsham. The only remains of the original stonework can be seen at the base of the tower. From the outside you may have noticed that the main body of the church is built of stone but the chancel is of brick. The chancel as we see it was re-built by the Harrison- Broadly family (One time local landowners) in 1835. We have no record of what existed before. Over the centuries there have been many alterations to the building and a more detailed architectural history will be available soon. The large usable space at the West end of the church was created in 2004 when the PCC were forced to remove the pews that were full of woodworm. Loose seating can now be added or removed to accommodate a variety of purposes

Prior to the 18th Centuary  the church was served by the Vicars of Bridlington and their assistant curates

List of Incumbents since 1660

Thomas Smyth

Joseph Prudeham (also curate of Flambro)


John Topham (also Vicar of Bridlington)

21 July 1744

Cornelius Pickaby (also Vicar of Bridlington)


Bethel Robinson

21 December 1786

John Collings

John Collings

25 March 1810

Edward John Burrow M.A

before 1830

Jabez Banks

28 August 1860

Walter Guy Ketchley

2 August 1862

James Clark B.A

22 May 1872

John Golding Saunders

9 January 1874

Nicholas McGrath B.A.

28 July 1905

John Francis Wilkinson L.T.H

13 May 1914

Joseph Mawson M.A.

16 November 1933

Tom Llewellyn Gomersall LTH, M.A

26 April 1938

Henry John Agate-Williams B.A. O.C.F

13 July 1945

Erenest Horace Rudkin

8 May 1950

Alfred Thomas Huxley B.A

31 July 1957

John Frederick Shreeve M.A.

5 October 1963

Joseph Sykes Rymer A.L.C.D

8 January 1966

Hedley Arthur Mitchell Pickard

31 January 1975

Ernest Edward Stephen Jones Dip.Th.
(curate in charge)

22 December 1980

Roland Geoffery Hirst M.A

5 June 1987

Bruce LeGay Petfield

8 November 1995

John Jordan


Michael Cartwright


Peter Pike

St Michaels was an independent parish until 1981 when it was united with the neighbouring village of Flamborough as a Benefice. In 1995 the parishes of Reighton and Speeton were joined to make the Benefice we see today. These four rural parishes are collectively and proudly known as the Headland Benefice