St.Michael's History Guided Tour

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As you enter the door on your left is the FONT. Dated to around 1200 it has a simple carved motif of Acanthus leaves growing from the base of the bowl. Just as a point of fun; imagine there have been 10 baptisms per year at this font, that means that approximately 9,050 baptisms since its installation here!

South Window

As you walk through the door, directly ahead of you is a stained glass window. This window was installed in 1965 by three sisters in memory of their brother who was killed in the Great War. The lovely window depicts St Francis at Bempton cliffs and included in the picture are many of our wonderful seabirds. How many  different birds can you recognise? There is a list at the bottom of this page.


Turn towards the right and on the screen that separates the Nave from the Chancel above your head is a Coat of Arms and two boards listing the 10 commandments and the Lords Prayer.

coat of arms

The Coat of Arms is that of Queen Anne, which was erected to show that St Michael's was in receipt of Queen Anne's Bounty ( an amount of money given by the crown to help pay for a Church of England priest)

East Window

As you face towards the High Alter you should note the East Window. The tracery is of Elizabethan origin and was brought here just prior to the First World War when it was removed from Homsea Parish Church during a refurbishment there. The glass is of traditional Elizabethan design.

The next point of interest cannot be seen but you may be lucky enough to hear them. The two bells in the tower are quite old dating back to the late 14th century. One is inscribed with a dedication to John of Thwing who was a prior at Bridlington Priory with responsibility for St Michael's. The inscription reads "All ye who hear my mournful sound, repent before ye lie in ground"

. BIRDS: Swallow, Gannet, Razorbill, Herring Gull, Kittiwake, and of course our Puffin.