Lets see what People are Doing

                                                                              August 2017

Dear Friends

Welcome to St Oswald's Flower Festival 2017 with its theme of ‘Hobbies and Pastimes'. Here you will find all manner of activities most imaginatively and beautifully interpreted by members of the Flower Club and guest arrangers.

A Flower Festival gives us all the opportunity to step back from our busy lives for a short time, take a pause and have a period of reflection. As you absorb the atmosphere of this sacred place - where people have worshipped for almost a thousand years - and look at the beauty of the arrangements, take a moment to give thanks for the gifts we all enjoy, the time and space to participate in leisure activities or just to stop and stare; our senses which let us appreciate the beauty of what we feel, see, hear and smell around us; the different talents and skills we all possess and above all life itself.

Whether you are a parishioner, regular visitor to our flower festivals or on your first visit here we hope you enjoy spending time in this ancient and special place looking at the lovely arrangements; admiring the beauty of the flowers and the talents of the arrangers and reflecting on the range of leisure activities in which we are able to take part. We hope your favourite hobby or pastime is displayed here


Each arranger has provided information about their own arrangement and, because we know from previous years that you iike a challenge, a question for you to answer! The question may be specifically about their arrangement or more generally about the hobby or pastime depicted. We hope you enjoy the quiz - if you get stuck the answers are at the back of this programme.

Thank you to all who have been involved in any way in enabling this flower festival to happen and many thanks to you for visiting us. See you next year!